The Oneiros Project


    The Oneiros Project is the result of three works coming together. Research performed at Shults Laboratories has yielded a complex and flexible AI that can perform as a teacher and guide. This AI is the centerpiece of an educational program that can teach many subjects in science ranging from atomic theory to astronomy to biology, rocketry, and robotics. Bringing these subjects together in a fascinating format was the challenge.

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   The answer came in the form of two books written by Sir Charles Shults. The first is The Living Galaxy, an exploration of the potential biospheres in our galaxy. This is a look at different worlds and their suns, length of day and year, chemistry, gravity, and other conditions.

   The second book is Oneiros, a science fiction novel that features a unique means of traveling between worlds based on quantum entanglement. This book reveals a set of worlds and conditions that provided the inspiration for the Oneiros Project. The result is a game format that draws the player into an exploration with many puzzles. The game teaches the player about real science from this adventure.

   The result is The Oneiros Project, where an AI acts in the manner of a living, breathing teacher and guide, working with you and learning from you. A series of new challenges will come with each world encountered and the solutions to those problems will teach something in each circumstance.

    Can you imagine a game that would provide an education while stretching your mind and bringing new, amazing scenery and situations? Play is the most powerful form of learning and something that we voluntarily do. It can't get better than that.

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