The Oneiros Project Support Page


    You can support the growth and development of The Oneiros Project in three ways. First, donation. Our effort requires computer servers and secure systems to operate. We will gladly post the names of donors or organizations willing to fund this effort. A Donor Page will be in place for all who make monetary or hardware contributions to this effort.

   Second, subscriptions. Users of this service will have subscriptions from monthly to yearly. Prepaid subscriptions will start at the moment our service comes online. Subscribers who prepay will receive an extra 15% of subscription time. A one-month subscription therefore will yield an extra five days if prepaid.

   Third, buy the books. This is a simple way to see what this is all about. The Living Galaxy provides a tour through other solar systems and explains what other solar systems will be like. Oneiros is a novel that tells the story of a man, Michael Winston, who is swept up in a journey to alien worlds and discovers something unexpected about the universe.

Buy the Books

   We hope that you will choose to support our efforts to bring this exciting project online. Bring the excitement of gaming to a solid science education and learn painlessly.