The Air Diode VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)

Now accepting orders for the basic Air Diode VAWT.


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See a short video of a prototype in testing!

Sizes Available:

  • 12' - 2kw

  • 6' - 1kw

  • 3' - 500w

Types of Output:

  • Bare Shaft (now)

  • Generator (soon)

  • Water pump "

  • Air compressor "

An effective answer to your power needs


  • Welded aluminum construction

  • Very simple assembly

  • Can be mounted nearly anywhere

  • Can carry signage or printed displays

This device is perfect for coastal areas where a constant (or nearly so) wind is available!

Essential note about alternative energy - READ THIS.

2 kilowatt model now available

Dimensions: 12' wide x 12' tall

  Description of the unit

    This is the basic Air Diode which has three louvered panels.  All structural components are made of welded aluminum for low weight.

    The louvers are aluminum and have low friction UHMW or HDPE bearing surfaces.

    The mounting box is a spacious 18 inch cube with sturdy welded gussets to support the thrust bearing in the shaft.

    Removal of two pins per panel allows for easy disassembly.  Removal of two pins for the main shaft means that in hurricane conditions the unit can be completely removed in minutes and stowed indoors safely.

    Each vane (panel, arms, and louvers) weighs approximately 28 pounds (12.7 kg).

    The unit can be mounted on a tower or rooftop.  Note that wind patterns will change significantly based on windmill location.

Recommendation:  Hillsides can concentrate wind flow greatly while surrounding trees and vegetation can greatly reduce its effective power.  Buildings and other structures can make wind flow chaotic and reduce the power you can generate.


About Windmills and Power Ratings

   One of the most controversial issues about wind power is the fact that wind is so variable and that the efficiency of a windmill is different based on the type of windmill in question.

   Constant wind speed is a fair measure of your expected power output but not the best measure.  This is because of "burst" wind power.

   As wind speed increases, the power available goes up as the cube of the speed.  What this means is that if you double the wind speed, you get 8 times as much power.

   What you end up with is burst wind (short increases or gusts) can generate as much or even more than the constant wind figure that you see for your area.  When you take gusts into account, you can actually double the amount of power you have available.  Just remember that windmill efficiency can greatly limit what you can harvest.


Coming Soon

  • Generator output unit - electrical power for off-grid use

  • Water pump unit - a basic work load task for windmills

  • Air compressor unit - have compressed air anywhere

  • Marine units - power for your boat, including trolling motors

    The Air Diode can operate virtually any rotary device.  This means that you can drive an air compressor and store the energy as compressed air.  Imagine having compressed air on demand without having to run power lines.

    If you have underground cables that must be kept at positive pressure, this device can do it.  If you have pneumatic devices that have unreliable electrical power, you can supplement your needs with the Air Diode.

    Water supplies for livestock or power for pond aeration - no utility power needed!

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