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        Alternative Energy            Generation, Storage, and Management

This course covers the sources, means of gathering, and how it is put to use.  We will focus on the matching of sources and target uses and how important it is to getting what you need.

1 week course - minimum 8 participants


                  Robotics                  Design, Theory, and Applications

What robotics is about, where it is needed, how to design and build robots, and the basics of the programming environment.  Learn about the equipment and facilities needed and how you will apply robotics in common tasks.  Amplify your ability to get things done.

1 week course - minimum  8 participants


             Nanotechnology             The End of Manufacturing

What is nanotechnology and what does it mean?  See how our understanding of matter is leading to methods and materials that will change everything we know about manufacturing.  New materials will be covered as well as the theory behind how it all works.

1 day course - minimum 8 participants


             Biotechnology             Printing the Future

All about stem cells, replacing organs, curing diseases, and human modification.  Your life and the lives of your children will be very different due to stem cells and ink jet printers.

2 day course - minimum 8 participants


          The Singularity            Information Implosion

We are rapidly approaching a time when the future is no longer predictable.  The growth of information and computing power is leading us to something cataclysmic.  What happens next?

1 day course - minimum 8 participants


         Life in the Universe         What should we expect to find?

There are simple rules that shape the universe and its contents.  It appears that life will be very common.  What will we find? If life exists elsewhere, then why are our skies so quiet?

1 day course - minimum 8 participants

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