About our logo...

    Many people have asked me about our logo, a stylized pentagonal figure with ten radiating arrowheads.  What does it mean and where does it come from?

    For most people the answer is surprising.  This marking was discovered on a spherule located on Mars on Sol 14 by the Mars exploration rover named Opportunity.

    The most interesting thing about this marking is that it is not created by erosion.  Regular pentagons are created in nature through biological processes, not mineral processes.  During research being performed in 2004 at Xenotech Research in Orlando, Florida, this and other signs of life were found on Mars.

  Here is the spherule with the original marking as it was observed in Eagle Crater in 2004.

    On the right edge you can just make out the "sunburst" marking.  I created a three dimensional sphere and mapped the image onto it to rotate it into a better "face on" view and also created three dimensional views as anaglyphs and cross-eyed images.

    Both yielded excellent results and frame-stacking (an image processing method used by law enforcement and the military) showed the feature clearly.  What is most important is that this demonstrated past life on Mars.